by The Brotherhood of Ellipsis

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The official teaser for The Brotherhood of Ellipsis' very first debut album "Legends Unfold", which is slated to release December 2nd, 2014.

"Eons ago, a great calamity shook the land – the clashing of a hero against pure evil. When the dust finally cleared, both forces were gone. No one was sure who won the battle, but the world stops for no one. As such, that battle was forgotten after just a few short generations, eventually becoming nothing more than a myth. Some who pass down the tale believe that the dark days are drawing ever closer, for evil has its way of returning into the hearts of man.

But what people forget is that there can be no dark without the light. A hero will return. Or rather, heroes.

One born of the savage land, equipped only with steel.
One cursed with tremendous power, and no mind to use it.
One with a lust for riches and blood alike.
One who walks the line between beast and man.
One that was created, not birthed.
And...a duck?!

Heroes arise.

Legends Unfold."

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released September 9, 2014



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The Brotherhood of Ellipsis Sacramento, California

The Brotherhood Of Ellipsis creates an entirely different genre, described as a unique mixture of quick, coordinated riffs, with catchy and upbeat leads, accented to its core by an articulate emotionality that keeps their fans' hearts pounding until the very last note. The amount of energy the songs produce and sustain is reinforced by the outstanding performance of each of the band's members. ... more

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